Wednesday, August 31, 2011

He Speaks

I just got back from vacation and I must say it was truly wonderful. We went to the beach.

I absolutely, positively love the beach and everything about it. The warmth of the sunshine on my body, the feel of my toes wiggling in the sand, the ocean with it's mighty waves to frolic in; all of it is a little piece of bliss to me. All of creation speaks to us of God, but at the beach it shouted to me.

I definitely can see the mightiness of God in all of it. Do you know the power of the ocean? It is greater than I. It knocked me on my butt a few times! The sunrises, oh my goodness I don't posses the vocabulary to do it justice. The colors, the creatures, the sounds and smells, I could go on and on. Open your eyes...

I really don't see how one could sit on the shore looking out at the depths of the ocean, the power of the waves, the myriad of colors and not know that there is a God that created it. His beauty, it is inspiring.

I went para-sailing for the first time ever. It was awesome! From that height, looking at the vastness of all God has created...we really are so very small. We are so very small, yet God created all of this beauty to speak to us, to point us to Him, to show us how much He cares. It is not just at the beach either, he is everywhere. Just look...

I've only seen a small sampling of His wonderful creation and I am amazed. Take a look around you.

We can see Him day in and day out around us if we will just open our heart and look.

Are you willing?

We have to put aside the troubles of this workd and focus on Him.

He loves us so is written all around you.

This song by Josh Wilson kind of sums it up for me. It is called "Behind the Beauty", enjoy...

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