Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Honor of National Kidney Month; A Little Diddy about Kidneys!

Kidneys are very important
their quite unique you see,
not only do they clean your blood
they are what make your pee.

Located in the lower back
fist sized shaped like a bean,
they filter out impurities
like toxins not protein.

To be sure that yours are healthy
get a simple measure,
something called GFR for starters
plus glucose and blood pressure.

You may think me rather silly
but frankly I don't care,
I've had nausea and vomiting
even lost chunks of my hair.

To be so little they impact
many things in your life,
and these are some of the symptoms
that give you pain and strife.

So my goal is to bring attention
and I won't be remiss,
as it may save you from suffering
life on dialysis.

Thank the Lord there is that option
no complaints from me,
but prevention can keep your kidneys
working and healthy!