Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wonderful Names

I did this Bible study by Kay Arthur called "Lord I Want to Know You". It was an amazing study. I would love to do it again in a group setting for differing perspectives and insights. I was supposed to do this one with some peeps but I got ditched. That is neither here nor there so I digress, let's move on.

It was a wonderful study on the names of God. Unlike our culture today, where people take names for their children from TV shows, books, or songs they love (nothing wrong with this I am just making a point), names held true significance in Bible times. Names were meaningful. They were descriptive and you could learn something about the person from their name. For example; it identified them, their family of origin, and/or a specific characteristic.

Our heavenly Father has many names. I find them beautiful and can't say I pronounce them well but I do try. At it says the names of God are like "miniature portraits and promises'. I love that! It goes on to talk about how God reveals His names to His people, that we don't name him. This is.a very important point to remember. We don't get to define God; who He is, His character, or what He does. Also God often changed the name of his people: Abram to Abraham, Jacob to Israel, Peter to the rock are a few examples.

God has so many beautiful names I wish I could list them all for you. I would suggest if you are going through something then look for His specific name that addresses your issue/problem. I just know that meant something special to me. For example, in my sickness I pray to him as Jehovah Raphe which means the Lord who Heals. His name holds power.

I was inspired so I penned the following about the names of Jesus:

Awesome Creator, who knit me in the womb
I cannot fathom your power.
Yeshua God, whom shall I fear
I take refuge in your strong tower.

El Shaddai, Emanuel,
I desire to boast in your name.
You know time from beginning to end
and yet for me you still came.

Adonai, my master and Lord
the God who sees, El Roi.
Do I, your creation, who often stumbles
do I bring you pleasure and joy?

Your names are beautiful, descriptive and true
each is special to me.
My favorite part is that I am blessed
to call you my Abba Daddy.

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